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Beyond printing and laminating, Spectrum Creative Group can take your project to a new level with our production services. From creating decals to put in your business window to mounting a personal photograph to hang in your living room, our team can provide your project with a professional finish. Discover how we can help you complete your project, or get it started.



We specialize in large-format printing, capable of up of printing up to five-feet wide. No matter what size project you have, it requires precise equipment and the right material to print on. We create Giclée prints on canvas and vinyl, as well as watercolor, photographic, and fine art paper. Important images deserve exceptional prints. Spectrum Creative Group also offers a number of custom production services and framing.

Art Reproductions

As photography and design professionals, we know your creative work is important. The way it is printed and presented can have a tremendous impact on how it is viewed. We understand artists’ needs and have years of experience working with them to bring their pieces to print.

We offer printing services using Giclée on various papers and canvas. We can then mount your prints on substrates such as Gatorboard®, Diebond®, Sintra® board, aluminum, and other custom surfaces. We use quality production materials and take extra care to make sure your piece looks exactly the way you envision it.




Certain print projects require the extra protection and ability to be reused that laminating provides. We offer large-format laminating up to five feet wide, as well as various laminates including glossy and lustre. We can help protect your prints and make them functional for specialized uses.

Framing + Mounting

A beautiful print is enhanced by proper mounting and framing, creating a more polished presentation. Spectrum Creative Group offers several mounting options, including Gatorboard®, Diebond®, Sintra® board, aluminum, and other custom surfaces. We also offer simple metal framing for a clean, classic look. Each framed print comes with lamination instead of glass to significantly reduce glare and overall weight.

Bring your prints to us or utilize our quality printing and design services to enhance your project. At any stage of the process, we can help make your project look its best.










From promoting a product to showing your store hours, we can create custom signage to get your information noticed. Spectrum Creative Group can print small- and large-scale decals on a durable and attractive laminated adhesive vinyl. These prints can be attached firmly to glass or metal for long-lasting signage, then removed using a simple deactivating solution.

Other signage printing options include hanging or stand banners. We print long banners for hanging on walls or the front of a table, as well as banners that attach to stands. Our team is happy to provide the stand for you or we can print a new banner and install it to your existing stand. You can provide the artwork, or work with our designer to update or create something new.

Wall Murals

For business promotions or personal style updates at home, our wall murals are a great way to add customized design to your space. Printed on satin cloth with a non-damaging adhesive backing, these murals are easy to hang and easy to remove when you’re ready for a new look. You can provide an image, logo, or pattern for small or large murals. And if you have an idea that needs help coming to fruition, our designer is happy to assist you. Our wall murals can help you customize your space with fun images or branded messaging.