Spectrum Creative Group



About SCG

In 1989, Kendall Reeves started his own company, Spectrum Studio, to provide photography services to the Bloomington area. Since then, the company has grown into Spectrum Creative Group, offering a range of printing, laminating, and mounting services. Spectrum added a key staff person, Kendall’s wife Stephanie Reeves, which allowed them to offer web and graphic design services. They later expanded their studio to include an art gallery space featuring traditional and contemporary works.

Spectrum Creative Group is a family-owned business that has thrived for 30 years by building respectful relationships with clients and their community. They continue to explore new technologies and trends while maintaining a high level of quality in every project, from marketing campaigns to artistic creations. From the design phase to printing, Spectrum can take your idea from concept to finished product.


The Creative Team

Kendall Reeves
Co-Owner / Photography + Production

Soon after receiving his degree in photography, Kendall decided to open his own business. He started Spectrum as a photography business and later diversified the company’s offerings to include various types of print and production services. Stephanie then brought design services to the company so that Spectrum can take any visual project from start to finish. Kendall stays updated on trends, techniques, and technologies to continually improve their services. His years of experience provide him with the skills to create stunning images that showcase a client’s project in the best light.

Kendall loves photography, often spending his free time taking underwater photos or traveling across the country to photograph unique places and artifacts. The only things he loves more than photography are his wife and their son, Kaden. Then photography, then spending a quiet afternoon mowing the lawn.


Stephanie Reeves
Co-Owner / Graphic + Web Design

Stephanie joined Spectrum Creative Group (then called Spectrum Studio) in 2008. Together Kendall and Stephanie have built the business into a multi-service company and managed to still like each other. Stephanie enjoys the evolving nature of graphic design and is constantly studying new trends and creative ideas that will enhance her clients’ projects. Her style blends clean and simple design with edgy touches, while always keeping the client’s brand and goals at the forefront.

Outside of work, she loves to spend time with Kendall and their son Kaden, take vacations where she can read a good book on the beach, and volunteer with organizations that empower young people.